International Expansion

Our technology is ideal for the focus of large scale international projects.

RPM technology addresses a broad array of of global issues (sustainable landscapes, economic development, and hunger) and has specific applicable solutions. All global efforts in; reforestation, reduction of our carbon footprint, installation of the economics of timber, reclamation of wetlands and mining areas, and improving nut and fruit production, can be significantly enhanced with the utilization of RPM as a major component. The surety/survivability feature alone provides ample investment protection to guarantee an adequate return of at least expectations when far too often only minimal success is acheived and investment dollars are wasted.

RPM Global Solutions is a large scale project approach, with sufficient in-house capability, to address and service the needs of major project managers around the world. We incorporate leading edge project management systems and techniques that will provide real time tracking, analysis, and project information for all end users.

Our intent is to spread the use of the technology through partnerships, subsidiaries, R&D relationships, and installed significant plantings. We are all about customized upfront analysis and systematic empirical review. The application is broad, the results are much more certain than the alternative, and we believe the quantifiable benefits exceed the costs many times over.