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RPM Development

Continued improvement and acceleration of the growth profile.

The initial concept and production techniques were implemented in 1993 with excellent comparative growth success in a broad array of species and limited superiority in others. As with all technology, you learn and improve. In 1998 a new improved version (2) of the process was introduced and growth enhancements occured across all species. Further analysis brought forth an even more superior version of the process (3) in 2000  and the current production procedures were finalized in 2001.

Throughout this development process, growth profiles were enhanced by as much as 50% against early versions and RPM's accelerated growth superiority extended to a much broader array of species. Today, RPM trees' advanced early growth rates provide them with a significant advantage over bareroot (BR) trees, an advantage that increases (widens) annually.

The result is that RPM trees will generate twice the number of quality saw logs per acre in half the time as BR; they will absorb 2.5-3.0 times the carbon of BR, and they have a 90-95% survivability rate even in poor soil conditions and wetland areas.