Accelerated Biomass

Potential economic benefits require utilization.

RPM's all natural accelerated growth process, effecting a broad range of species, produces a huge positive impact on the potential operating leverage for many different industries. A key feature of this growth superiority, is its consistency and predictability. Customized project analysis will reflect unprecendented economic benefits when large scale global projects are considered in the areas of:

  1. Biofuel or bioenergy
  2. timber
  3. paper/pulp
  4. reforestation/carbon sequestration
  5. nut and fruit production

The growth differential between RPM and bareroot generates significantly higher yields in half the time. These fundamental characteristics provide an economic advantage to RPM that trivializes any and all upfront cost considerations. We in fact maintain that when all-in costs are considered in any rigorous analysis, the utilization of RPM trees will be abundantly clear. The projected analysis alone should support the total utilization of RPM trees, but certainly it warrants the carving out of a substantial piece of each project to scientifically verify the variances in the field. We welcome the opportunity to research and customize analysis with any client and encourage its use in project design and goals.